MME CME Module 1 - Autonomy | Medical Ethics Course for Healthcare Professionals


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The aim is to introduce a framework to identify and resolve some common ethical dilemmas. In this first part – we focus on autonomous decision making. In doing so, we ensure that the patient is free from controlling influences (liberty) and has the capacity to act to realize their goals (agency)
With this section of course, learners should be able to explain the principle of autonomy; consider the elements of autonomous decision making; describe the steps involved in assessment of mental capacity; recognize and manage situations in which a patient’s autonomy can be compromised.
Note: Completing this module will accord you 1 MME CME Point. MME modules can only be completed once. Doctors with PCs expiring on 31 Dec 2025 onwards will be given MME points by SMC. For PCs expiring on 31 Dec 2024, you will not be given MME CME Core points but non-core Cat 3B CME points for completing the module . Please check the SMC CME requirements page accordingly before you proceed. All payment made is non-refundable.