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How to Rise Above the Influence

Preventing and deterring substance abuse in Singapore is a continued effort and will take the combined support of the Government, community partners as well as the general public.

In this topic, you will learn what Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA) is doing to address the drug situation, how all of us can lead healthy, fulfilling lives without relying on substances, and what you can do to help prevent substance abuse.

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Consequences of Substance Abuse

Messing with substances is a dangerous affair and can easily land a person in deep trouble.

In this topic, you will learn the consequences of substance abuse and what the government is doing to keep the situation in check.

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Introduction to Substance Abuse and Its Effects

Do you know what is substance abuse and how it can be detrimental to people?

In this topic, you will learn why substance abuse is a worldwide problem, what substances are being abused and recognise why people abuse substances.

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