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Dementia-inclusive environments can enable a person living with dementia (PLWD) to maintain a sense of identity and autonomy, to participate in activities of daily living to the fullest of their abilities in a familiar and safe environment. Evidence shows person-centred care coupled with a supportive environment increases sensory and social engagement and facilitates good quality of life.

The guidebook can be used by those who are interested in designing a dementia-inclusive physical environment, including urban planners, architects, interior designers, dementia care providers, operators of senior care facilities and caregivers.

It has been developed with references to evidence-based practices and in consultancy with the Dementia Nursing Home design and Resource Panel comprising local clinicians, operators, policy makers and nursing home staff. The Guidebook features and shares good practices from our Eldercare Providers.


Good dementia-inclusive design practices: The guidebook curates recommendations and good dementia-inclusive design practices that are being implemented by various Eldercare and Dementia Care Service Providers. These are applicable to facilities which are providing eldercare services as well as enabling environments to support senior activities and engagement.

User-friendly dementia design tips: We recognise that renovation may not always be possible and is not the only option, hence the guidebook emphasises on minor modifications and soft approaches such as colours, furniture, etc.

Validated Environmental Assessment Tool: AIC is in collaboration with University of Wollongong to develop a Singapore Environmental Assessment Tool (SEAT) to evaluate the dementia-friendliness of the built environment. SEAT is a systematic framework for reviewing environments for people living with dementia and identifying areas for improvement. It contains questions that have been designed to gather information on how well the design principles have been put into practice.

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Looking to the Future - Inclusive Design for People Living with Dementia Guidebook (Second Edition)

By Samantha Su Weiting



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