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Wound bed preparation is essential to aid in wound healing process. The removal of non-viable tissue from wound bed is a fundamental aspect of wound care. However, conservative wound debridement can only be undertaken by experienced and trained healthcare providers.

Course Objectives:

Equip registered nurses involving in wound care with advanced knowledge and skills to perform wound debridement.

Course Content:

  • Describe the anatomy and physiology of viable and non-viable tissues and structures in wound care.
  • Recognize anatomical structures and types of tissue commonly seen in sharp debridement.
  • Explain how to utilize appropriate debridement modalities to facilitate the phases in physiology of wound healing.
  • Identify the types of debridement modalities.
  • State the indications and contraindications according to the types of debridement modalities.
  • Describe the preparation of sharp wound debridement process.
  • Demonstrate sharp debridement techniques.
  • Evaluate and document treatment using sharp debridement.
  • Discuss the legal implications and policy and procedures related to sharp debridement.

Who Should Attend:

Registered Nurses, Doctors

Competency Mapping (Clinical Domain):

  • Perform Wound Care
  • Assess Wound Progress

Additional Information:

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Wound Debridement (Intermediate)

By Sook Sam Yee


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