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Certificate in Foundations of Person-Centred Dementia Care is based on Person-Centred Care principles, which emphasises on bestowing personhood on the person with dementia as a social being, providing recognition, respect, and trust (Kitwood, 2011).

This course consists of 5 modules:


Module Title

Duration (Hrs)

Foundational Module

Nature and Impact of Dementia


Core Module 1

Person-Centred Care


Core Module 2

Behavioural Communication


Core Module 3

Purposeful and Meaningful Engagement


Elective Module

Palliative Care Approach




Total Hours 24.5

SNB-CPE points will be awarded.

This course aims to equip healthcare and social service professionals with practical dementia knowledge and skills. The learning journey will start with an overview of the nature and impact of dementia. Learners will be guided to reflect on their current practice and identify ways to apply Person-Centred Care principles through effective strategies to support behaviour changes, and meaningful activities. In the last module, learners will learn to recognise end of life and appreciate the palliative care approach for persons with advanced dementia to ensure quality of life.

Course Content

Module 1: Nature and Impact of Dementia aims to provide learners with an introduction to dementia and its impact, and ways to assist the person with dementia through Person-Centred Care.

Module 2: Person-Centred Care aims to provide learners with strategies to promote person-centred care and apply self-care strategies for both professional care staff and family caregivers.

Module 3: Behavioural Communication aims to equip learners with strategies for effective communication with persons living with dementia, and facilitate understanding of behaviour change as a means of communicating unmet needs, so as to apply a range of options to manage the impact of behaviour change.

Module 4: Purposeful and Meaningful Engagement aims to equip learners with the knowledge and skills to promote meaningful activity and engagement to meet individual needs of persons living with dementia.

Module 5: Palliative Care Approach aims to provide learners with an understanding of how persons living with dementia can be supported with a palliative care approach relating to their physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs.

Assessment (21 OR 22 November 2022):

At the end of the course, participants will be assessed on their competencies acquired through the learnings. The competency assessment for this course consists of a quiz, a written assessment, role-playing, and oral questioning.

Competency Mapping (DCCF) :

  • Impact of Dementia
  • Understand the Person-Centred Care Approach
  • Interact with Persons with Dementia
  • Connect with Persons with Dementia who Display Behaviours of Concern
  • Enabling Persons with Dementia to Lead a Meaningful Life
  • Understan the Palliative Care Approach
  • Practice Self Care

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Certificate in Foundations of Person-Centred Dementia Care (Basic)- 2022

By Dorine Lee


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