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Course Objectives

Support Persons Living with Dementia Care is a competency-based certification programme. It provides learners with the knowledge and skills required to support persons living with dementia in a variety of settings and residential.

This course consists of 3 modules and assessments:

Module 1 Apply Person-Centred Care

Module 2: Provide activities to maximise autonomy and promote wellbeing

Module 3: Develop and implement techniques which minimise the impact of changed behaviour

The competency assessment for this course consists of written assessment, practical performance (PP) and oral questioning (Total duration: 3.5hours)

Course Content

Module 1: Apply Person-Centred Care

  1. Explain the philosophical and practical approach of Person-Centred Care

  1. Differentiate between types of dementia, delirium and depression, and their impact on persons living with dementia

  1. Use appropriate screening tools to assess persons living with dementia

  1. Recognise physical or social environmental factors which affect health and safety

  1. Identify general management approaches to support the wellbeing of persons living with dementia and their caregivers

  1. Apply Person-Centred Care approaches to care planning

  1. Assess the needs of caregivers to provide information and referral to access relevant health and social services

  1. Observe, investigate and report any suspected, alleged or actual abuse

Module 2: Provide activities to maximise autonomy and promote wellbeing

  1. Discuss barriers and opportunities to promote autonomy in persons with dementia during service provision

  1. Apply the principles of informed consent and confidentiality when working with persons with dementia and caregivers

  1. Use families and significant others as a resource to assist in planning appropriate activities

  1. Design and provide activities that balance autonomy and safety considerations, and promote wellbeing

  1. Provide guidance and feedback to caregivers on activity engagement

Module 3: Develop and implement techniques which minimise the impact of changed behaviour

  1. Explain possible causes or triggers of changed behaviour

  1. Observe and document changed behaviour

  1. Develop a range of intervention strategies to minimise the impact of changed behaviour

  1. Implement appropriate practice techniques and communication strategies in response to behaviours of concern

  1. Identify the safety considerations, ethical principles and legal limits that guides the management of behaviours of concern

Who Should Attend

  • Professional Staff including nurses, allied health professionals, social workers, counsellors, who are involved in developing care plans, planning activity programmes for persons living with dementia, and supporting direct care staff to manage behaviours of concern.

Competency Mapping (DCCF)

  • Maximize Client Autonomy

  • Plan and Conduct Activities for Persons with Dementia and Persons with Mental Health Issues

  • Manage Behaviours of Concern

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Support Persons Living with Dementia (Intermediate)

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